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Building Something of Valuable   

Horses To Watch For--Your 30 Days to 60 Days Duration

In New York most financial medias, publications and serious well educated business men and women bring new ideas to us, based upon their business objectives and/or expertise. They provide us with information or concepts, strategies and techniques and we look up to them as Guru or Experts. Sometimes we are being instructed and / or guided on or about what to look into and what to look for.  Now, this five letter word "Trend" is a very powerful and interesting word in the upscale business districts. Some Trends are revealed or observed and studied carefully when handling the following: Stocks & Bonds, Money Market Funds, Real Estate & Housing Markets as well as Banking & Financial Institution Transactions. Our concern at this time is to bring one more thing up a little closer for you to Watch For and Look At ​and it's horses that are racing at the New York Tracks. For a fun day at the races you can make some money if you take the time to study the "Trend"of GuyStar HR System Analyzer presentation.  This system employs a strange but sound strategy which reveals a "Trend"which is the basic and fundamental concepts of Corporate Think Tank Groups. The Study of Trends which are common-place-practices in areas like Wall Street, World Financial Center, at High End Marketing Groups & Organization, finally at Fortune 500 Companies and to transform this visible trend or concept so as to come up with Valuable Objectives and Profitable Financial Results/Rewards.  

Strategy 3.  Selecting Pick 3

The term​ Pick 3  is applicable when you walk up to the wagering cashier and say to them that you want a Pick 3. It is the winner of the next three races. These horses must come in first at the finish line in each race.  Now, look at some past races in which GuyStar HR Systems Analyzer has been used and you may see something unusual and that is your Trend.  Well, Well if that key horse is in the middle or second race with the spending of $12.00 on a $1.00  (4) +(1)+(3)  or  $24.00 on $2.00 (4)+(1)+(3)  and hope that you get a decent win price on 2 of your horses.  PS: $600.00 and over winning the tax man is your partner. If you choose to spend less and you win think of yourself as being lucky. Even though sometimes this happens. Your chances not to win a race is 20% to 25%. We cannot give guarantees beause we have no control of the actual racing event or activities.  With this system we have one word in mind and it's: ​"Reputation"  



Wherever the Trend ​stands out with a plus  sometimes you might be able to drop one from the 4th race & add one to the 6th race. ​Or it might be necessary for you to drop one at either end and  add one in the middle or 5th race.When you observe these Trends, keep it to yourself.

The Pass Time TV Show

       Talking Horses

To wager $1.00 on one pick three ticket you will get a ticket listing the post position of the winner of the next three races. Or from whatever race or races that the schedule permits. 

Now,  If you like three horses in the 1st race, two in the 2nd and three in the 3rd race, and you want it for $2.00. The calculation is $2.00 X 3 X 2 X 3 =$36.00 and $1.00 wager will cost $18.00, etc..


Pick 3 & Pick 4














Caution: This system is not for minors under State or Region or Country legal law. GuyStar HR Systems respects and encourage good parental guidance.

We are not responsible for Reckless Conduct and/or Bad use of this product/system which might be contrary to fun expectations.  

                                For Addiction Problems

Please quickly seek Professional help. Do not delay if you are experiencing this illness. 

 Strategy 4.  Selecting Pick 4

​In your fun exercise you may get the urge to push your luck into buying a few Pick 4 tickets. The system is identical to the Pick 3, the only difference is that you are picking the winners of 4 straight races.  This can cost a lot of money. Now, after looking at the Trend of GuyStarHR System Analyzer over and over for a given period of time you can try it. Cost control of your purchase is necessary.  (This wager if you win the tax man will include himself as a partner in your dividends.) To cash high value $600.00 and over tickets NYS-DMV Indentification & Social Security Card is needed. Never: ​Advertise or get over excited when you win. You can root for your horse or horses and shout as loud as you want but if you win stay quiet. If you lose you may want to vent or express some anger and profanity. However, try to maintain some dignity and self respect and take it like it's all in the game.   



If you listen to NYRA TV Show Talking Horses, You should feel adequately informed after listening to Andy Serling and Anthony Stabile and NYRA Paddock (pre-race) Definition/Descriptive and Selection Expert-Maggie Wolfendale who comes up with sneaky hints.

        ***The above is expressed in good taste and grace*** 

Andy is a wizard and he has all the right words to capture your time and attention.

​Hi! Eric Donovan is the Odds Maker he is very good at it,  but GuyStarHr System wants him to fall sleep when he is about to look at any horse or horses that is selected by our system for some days' racing card. (This is only a Joke)

Now, Richard Migliore also known as "The Mig" a former Jockey was very successful at winning races at many race tracks in the United States The racing management has elevated him to this TV Show as a unique expert sharing his valuable knowledge and skills about horse racing in New York.  "The Mig" is a New Yorker and his heart and soul is in the game. Come on let us say thanks to "Mig" for what he is sharing with us.

Now, Now Anthony Stabile if he was not super good NYRA would not have asked him to join us in New York-Keep an eye on his selections. You may be going to the bank soon to make a deposit.


 There are millions of people all over the world in every country showing interest in the Horse Racing Game Some are very wealthy, very upright and helpful> Some participants are young, energetic and helpful.

   GuyStar HR Systems Analyzer founder is an Agent who is seeking   Great and meaning changes which includes a Unified Standard (Internationally and Nationally) with all countries following one set of Horse Racing Rules. I love New York and I feel that the United States America has the best Policy & Rules for the game. The Stock/Investment/Financial Rules must be sound and meaningful to all parties. Profit and/0r Loss is the bottom Line.       


Young people I admire are: Jason Blewitt, Maggie Wolfendale, Gabby Godette and Laffit Pincay lll

Winning At The Races--Depends on how you understand the following:
Trends, Strategies, Trips & Traps, Sneaky Tricks, Disqualifications, Bad & False Start from the Gate, Jockey's Reaction,Trainer's Angle....Tricky, Smart or Slick Trainers Angle. 
Now: Even the Stewards one and far do pull "a" fast one on us/It's very unfair to comment about the judges...Why? Actual racing Infractions they look at many camera shots and angles and this is shown immediately to the public to convince them that an infraction or something went wrong which caused the inquiry, objection and/or disqualification.  
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