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 Sport of Kings

                        The 30 Days to 60 Days Performance Cycle 

         When you are in this game you must keep tabs on your horses with high system numbers. If you do not you will be loosing out on some hefty payoffs on win, place and show. See how many of them are running in the same race on a given day and compare their numbers and other related information with the others and if their numbers are still superior to the others. Put a big smile on your face and keep it a secret, ​then go to the wagering window and do your thing. Now , if your tab items are not favored. It is your Big Payoff Day. ​It becomes very tricky, the first bet must be your set of high numbers, then you hook them them up with others, show some love by hugging them up with some other runners that equally qualify to run in the race.  

With this idea we have a term called Top / Down, What this really is playng the  top figures horses with those at the bottom that does not show any real quality information. (In anticipation that if something goes wrong you are catering for the unexpected).  It's like playng a favorite with a longshot.


 Publication Guidance      Below Sample Layout for your study and critical evaluation also feedback.

​ Work Data No.1

This system was designed for (3) New York race tracks only: Aqueduct, Belmont and Saratoga.

Guystarhr Loves New York

and we want NYRA to make New York the Horse Racing Capital/Icon of the world.

Some Items to note:

  1. 1. Quality race cards

  2. 2. Entries with at least 4 established or qualifing work outs

  3. 3. When any of our jockeys are injured in a race we need to have progress reporting.

  4. 4. Accidents and injuries or death of a horse .we want the owners and trainers to know how we the public feels.   



Shocked Racing Fans

Horses that give everyone a surprise recently

  1. Mordi's Miracle low Won far above Expt ??

  2. The Mad Piper low Won far above Expt ?? 

  3. ​Master Cip       low  Won far above Expt ??

  4. Keep Bustin F3Yr  (2 for 2) What about her ??

    You will see, this is my answer.

   1             2                             3     4​

Please Note: The above worksheet is only an example . It has no value at this time.  Now,  to select your top contenders you look at the high numbers and alphabetical letter value which is closest to the grade A+ or A-. Once in a while a horse with a low side rating will hit the board first-to win. Once you play cautiously​ chances are you can get far ahead financially. Now, when you are far ahead financially then it is time for you to make the ultimate decision if an opportunity presents itself. Don't ever go for the kill. This can bring about regrets.

Many guys go for the kill when they are experiencing a lucky streak. If they are successful it is a big reason to celebrate but if they lose it can cause a radical mind set in the way of thinking and expresssion which can be very unpleasant.

Please choose the right course of action or direction.

Note: The Ratter is designed to carry two or three columns / or three rows of numerical information, each piece of information exposes a numerical value which promotes the understanding about the performance capability of each runner entered in the race. The higher the number greater should be the performance of the runner. This ability of the runner can be manipulated or suddenly hampered in many ways, for honesty or dishonesty purposes or for experimental purposes.  We the fans and handicappers are hoping that high level of integrity, honesty and sense of responsibility is exercised beginning with the Organization that is mainly conducting the event.  This phase includes the Stewards, Trainers, Jockeys and the Judges. Finally, we must apply an understanding that actual On Track Jockey techniques, strategies and scenarios during the running of the race can result in either victory or loss.   

The Pro Power Predictor is a do it yourself Plan  (Money in hand is Value) (Wishing & Hoping about What you will get has no Value) Please spend your money Wisely- Little at a Time)


This is your plan the $2000 weekly is your money always in your possession we do not need any of it. If you choose or want to try out the system after studying it you can do so when it is published.

You will win, when you do just send us a gift so that we can get better equipment to grow

this business.  Based upon the amount that is given if it's a generous or substantial amount you will be put in the category of being a contributor-If you wish and will not have to pay a weekly or monthly fee. Also it could make you qualify to receive the service free for 1 year or 2 years. 

                  Caution(1)-You must know when to Start,

(2)-When to Stop,

(3)-When to Walk Away &

(4)-When to Run Away Without Looking Back.

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