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Why use this system? It is strange and has become very popular on the Social Network also it is becoming popular around the world in all countries where the people love Thoroughbred Racing Sport.

(1)-The Incredible Yes-NY Best-1 (Publication -1) has 4 sets of vertical lines with Power Pack numerical information based performance factors which is very important to determine the ability and quality of the "Runner" performer. Strategic Power Data =(SPD) see Top Heading of Publication. 


(2)-The Ratter (Publication-2) Is a unique strategy which includes strong Power performance from its two partners and produced its own opinion power ratings to compete on variable surfaces based upon breeding characteristics also including systems analyst idea or comment about entry performance. Now "ERR" before and after comment detail is the information is OLD and must be updated 


(3)-The Pro Power Predictor (Publication -3) has an abundance of power data coming from all power performance fields then separates them as follows: General Power Area2 and Maximum2 Power for any surfaces. Power Predictor also has a mature assessment and edge with financial benefits.

What we know about this system is true and we want to share it with you.

The entire layout and component making up a graded race is as follows: See Services 1. With this system, once the race is finished GuyStar HR Analyzer should either or have all of the first three finishers at the very top of its outline. Sometimes the race track handicapper is fully aware of the key horses in a race. Though you may not always see those horse at the top or somewhere nearing the top and for one reason or another they come and win the race. There are four basic areas as you see from the profile to check for your power runners and if in all four areas you observe that they are at the very top, and the numbers are superior to the others. Those are  your key horses to win the race. Now, they have to break a leg, or experience some kind of interference or bad judgement on the part of the jockey or willful and malicious tampering that will cause one of them not to win the race. Now, When a horse is disqualified after winning a race these concerns are up to the judges and stewards as this seldomly happens (all we hope for is that the judges/stewards exercise a high degree of fairness in their evaluation) and it's something that we have to swallow and move on to the next race.

Not every race can be selected for system analyzer grading but once a race is selected you must respect the high positive outcome of 75% to 80% successful efforts.

Once you have money on a horse and you are at the race track you must have your eyes on those horses, pay attention to how it is being ridden and piloted by the jockey. Sometimes it is not the right jockey and it might go off at a high price. Also, if jockey with high win percentage is called to ride him/her don't be surprise if you observed that it becomes the favorite in the race. On the other hand playing favorites do not give great advantage in cash flow every time. So this system will from time to time give wide-eye-opening predictions that will amaze you, should you follow us closely.

It is a little strange but true with Exactas, Trifectas and Superfectas, we found out that a little manipulation is necessary. However, once your lead or key horse is identified your chances to win the race is great. The concern for how much you should spend and if you should win how much will it pay must be taken onto account... this is a money management strategy. You can spend a lot of money on a race to win but if you fail to make more than what you put into it, then the spending was not a wise idea.

This concept was first introduced in 1991 and continued until November 1997 and grew to be a very costly idea (because of the technology to bring it to the customer at a lower cost was not availabe at the time) so it was set aside in favor of another project. Now that the Internet is here along with the handy tools. Namely: The Cell Phones, Computers and the Web/Internet on line Services we thought that it's time we re-introduce it to our fans and supporters and to the many people who might become horse racing fans because of GuyStar HR Systems (System Information).​


​We have received a large number of special request to have this system be made available at a much lower cost than previously indicated. With this request in mind we are asking all of GuyStar HR Systems Analyzer (Social Network) Followers & People Likes which include Contributors, Customers and Fans who like the three products as they are seen on website www.guystarhr.com as Publications "(1) Incredible Yes-NY Best-1", "(2) The Ratter"  and "(3) GuystarHR The Power Predictor" to contact Pay Pal Our money transaction Agency and to process their payment to us via this Agency until further notice. So that we can get the ball rolling and to continue furnishing the program to you as we do now. Also, we are conducting a study which would include upgrading our current Website Publishing Transmission Equipment/and website ​at a yearly (one-tme) contribution cost of $15.00/Plus, or an annual fee of $20.00/Plus per person and by doing so this system can be an open system for the publication Service No.1 & Service No.2. We may not be able to have an open system for Publication No.3 The Pro Power Predictor.  NOTE: Guystar HR Systems Analyzer is very popular on Social Network, Twitter, Twitter@WIX & Facebook and many other medium as revealed to us by our new WEB STAT ANALYETICS.





Also we very much like to have a smooth running operation but have seen the need for providing you with more information on total number of races daily and increasing the services as we see fit so that the public can benefit from it too, free of cost. We want to make good things happen for all and to all. Anyone can be a winner on a bad day or on a good day, or on a rainy day or on a cold day.

Please Note: GuyStarHR is not a money lending business and will never engage in money lending transactions.

​ Our Proposal includes Vacation Period:

 (Twice Yearly) Beginning from the last week of August 2015 to the second

 Monday in September one week after Labor Day> Approximately 

 business will be closed for 2 weeks

 And December 22nd to January end of 1st full week. 


Additional    Information    to     follow  BELOW

Special Promotional Options to Our Friends, Fans and Supporters
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Please indicate  whether the check or money order is a gift to GuyStarHR or it is a fee for annual service. So that Tax Liabiality obligations can be done with a high degree of accuracy.

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Wix.Com is this Website Hosting Company from 2013 They have suggested their money collection options to me. I did not want to give a negative answer so I yield with the hope that their word is their bond

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