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The Turkey

It's Yours.

  We do not know if Saratoga will help us to spoil you this        year all we know that great racing excitement is ahead.                                   ***************                       



 Today Races

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Once again we are reminding you that all entries are in a race to run regardless of what, any one of them can win rain or shine. With all three of our publications please pay attention to trends and this system will help you to make good decisions-Very strong and versatile runners our  Top 4 or 5 horses can win. Sometimes Post No is not in order, Rows and Columns with numbers are your clues they may or may not be in unique order so pay attention. Our ** and * Runners are very talented runners when they are identified and is going off as the favorite be careful for ??????.  

GuyStarHR is ready like Uncle Freddy to help you get Christmas Money.  Come on Get ready to cash any time now. Yes we Say Cash a Ticket at your Favorite Race Track cash Window-2020  Christmas is around the bend.

Is GuyStarHr System Truthful & Honest with You ?

We can't Hear You

Well, we still can't hear you

Now, we cannot give you lots of money but we are so sure that we can help you to get some money often many times daily, or many times monthly and once in a while you will be surprised with the amount that the race track will pay out to you when you use any of our three methods/Strategies.    



Our Word/AF

There are things that we know from what we see during analysis and when this happens we give it straight to you.

Note: We can be tricky too and sometimes we will pull a trick on you but we will never lie to you. 

  Don't take us lightly because we have some very good answers

                          Go ahead and grade us- print a copy of any day's program, put grade on it and mail it to us

                          See Contact Us-Page for mailing address.

This System Design for use on a Fast Track
Through out the meeting we will try to select a few races as often as we can to add to your excitement. We can surprise you, or shock you  and we can help you make some money. Enjoy your self, have fun. Thank You.
Happy Thanksgiving 
Your question is: What about the turkey or My Turkey --------
A big laugh is in the making. 
Please always check the Race Track Daily Racing Program to verify or make sure that the Race, PP &/or Post Time Entry Numbers, Scratches and Jockey Changes are correct before making your wager. If error exist it can hurt your chances at winning.
Thank You.

*Pedigree Shocker 1



*Malibu Moon


*City Zip

Now 10/11/2020

this set up OK-look  for Belmont race action of the day 

Go get Em.

exercise-have fun making money at the same time

Thank You ****Professional New Domain & Upgraded Website  in service --hoping to be normal soon Thank You Guys-hang in there. 

35 years old program 1975-2020



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Please be advised severe harm has been done to GuystarHR System Master Program Outline-Recently many main portions of our key data which have cause "GUYSTARHR" to stand up firmly in spite of the competitiveness in Handicapping Thoroghbred Horse Racing We are rapidly working to have service back as soon as possible.  Sorry "Crooks , Jealous Outfits, and Money Hunghy Crime Organizations who are very eager to have all for themselves"..Sorry Pals, live and let us all live-for a piece of the action. We are for the World that is our choice, money or no money-     7 years have finished on the Web &  43 years in motion, No where else but in NEW York USA.  James Ingram says in a Song "Have a Heart"

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We are making a special  request to the movie authorities to facilitate the showing of 2 special movies They were shown in NYC Manhattan theatres during the 70s and these shows had the people going wild. The movies were "Uptown Saturday Night"  and " A piece of the Action"  

For Muddy & Sloppy Track Conditions-Trend Reversal Methods are Applicable
Try using moderately priced and long shot horses with at least the Top Two Graded Entries(highest numbers) this is about 62% to 67% successful/cashing expectations  
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