GuyStar HR System Analyzer **** The Winners Dream



      GuyStarHR Systems Strategy

                 Is Power Vested

  For Maximum Successful Results

        Don't believe in Guess Work


                             THE RATTER

Your Daily Chart publication No.2

      The  Ratter   

 Analyzer reveals favorite but we don't go for them - Do you ?

 Is today your lucky day ?                                      This system will try to make you luckier

 You better watch me, We make you Sing,, Dance, Laugh & Shout. We D.on't like losing money & crying


Please always check the Race Track Daily Racing Program to verify or make sure that the Race, the PP and/or Post Time Entry Numbers, Scratches and Jockey Changes are correct before making your wager. If error exist it can hurt your chances at winning.

Thank You.

 Chart Shows Program Entries For Feature Races Predicted By System. Designed for use on Fast Track

 I have eyes all around me and I am watching your back too.
As a challenge to your com-mentary and grading skills compare it with GuyStarHR Comment Value and you will have lots of money in your hand.

  Hi Belmont, GuyStarHR fans & followers are back, visiting

  with you.  Thanks for tolerating with us--we mean well and winning money is one of the well- Once again Thank you.

   GuyStarHR **The Ratter** 
  Well I am not Honest & I am not Evil-But I am the Wicked One                       Working very hard for you With a different Opinion 

     I am The Ratter Please pay attention to  my performance Comment Value before  you use  my opinion. Sometimes I agree with  companions and other times I disagree


I am fully QPGRGMX2 PWR Vested. Can & Will Shock You with winners.

Best of Luck.

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