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Please always check the Race Track Daily Racing Program to verify or make sure that the Race, the PP and /or Post Time Entry Numbers , Scratches and Jockey Changes are correct before making your wager. If error exist it can hurt your chances at winning.


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This publication has the ability to give sound practical performance data for most surfaces which makes it usable during some adverse weather conditions-like muddy, sloppy and wet surfaces also whatyou see is>The Pro Power Predictor--(1,2,3 then 4&5)


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Happy New Year NYRA/Aqueduct: Racing Officials including our Pre-Race Analysts Andy Serling, Gabby Gaudet, Maggie Wolfendale and others Sorry guys I have to update my list of names-please forgive me. 

 Hi Belmont GuyStarHR fans and Followers are back to watch and enjoy the races this meeting.-Please welcome us.


Let the world see that we in New York know what they want-it's not more money but experience our exciting life style-and for them to visit & see What is going on at & Belmont 2018

This Publication is about to go into hiding for business purposes but before it goes we want you to put it to the test.


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Options along with bits of performance data provide greater assurance about the prediction...In counting numbers, it's not only 1, 2, 3 you must remember at all times 4 and 5 can be equally just as important as one, two and three when using this system in the racing game. Your cash flow can also increase if you invest wisely.

New-Comment Value Data -Please do not Ignore...Money is in there.

Very Important:- Federal NY State & NY City Taxable Income Laws: For Donation, Gifts and Contributions sent to GuyStar HR System Analyzer do Apply and rewards are extended accordingly--Thank You


The (3)-Publications we are offering are primarily Wise Prediction Publications-BE ADVISED WE DO NOT ACCEPT BETTING OR WAGERING TRANSACTIONS THANK YOU

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